The Week That Was 10/9 - 16/9

Updates for the Heck of it

Taking inspiration from the ‘Weekly Report’ series on Shubhankar’s site, I have promised myself that I too shall write a short report every week. Shubhankar blogs frequently on his site, and the crazy Casey Neistat fan that he is, has also started a weekly (?) vlog on his YouTube Channel. Do check them out! [Read More]
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A Tale of Two Diaries

Bangalore and Angamaly

Hi! People! It has been a long time since I figured out how to use GitHub Pages and consequently built this site. It does look very similar to Gyani’s site; I liked the way his site looked. That, and the fact that I was too lazy to go looking for another theme. So, thanks a lot, Gyanendra ‘soon-to-be-Londoner’ Mishra! I had delayed posting to the site because I hadn’t figured out how to integrate MathJax and Latex, but now I have! What that basically means is this - I can insert equations like in beautiful typeface. Just for this. [Read More]

The Road Oft Travelled

The Road oft travelled, yes, the one I’m on I look around, puzzled, what’s going on? These ones around, murky, in puddles of sin Writhing and rolling, loud, in endless din [Read More]