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Some Book Recommendations Too!

A few BookTubers I follow made videos on the Nonfiction November Tag, which was started by Maria, BookTuber I do not follow. It seemed to be interesting as over the years, my reading habits have increasingly veered towards non-fiction. Maria asks people to answer 15 questions to complete the challenge, and make a video about it. I am only going to write down my answers in this blog. [Read More]
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Blast from the Past

And Some Lessons

Oasis, for those readers who don’t know, is the cultural festival organized by the student community at BITS, Pilani, held in the month of October or November. Oasis 2017 was held this week at Pilani, and I have never missed Pilani and its people more than I did this week. This came as weird shock to me, considering I have never liked Oasis, and have even critiqued it quite vocally for its many faults. I think these periodic shocks are pretty amazing ways to identify what matters to you the most. True, I hated Oasis, but I realized I was... [Read More]

The Bangalore LitFest Journal

Two Days Well Spent

Literary festivals have intrigued me right from when I attended my first Jaipur Literature Festival in 2014. Since then, I have kept track of every major litfest in the country, and also founded a litfest in Pilani (cutely named Papyrus Trails). How could I then resist attending the Bangalore Literature Festival on 28th and 29th October? [Read More]
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