October - An Investigation of Melancholy

A Movie Review

Is life inherently melancholic, with happiness being an anomaly that tends to appear in short, unexpected bursts? October starts off with this exact premise, showing mundane, unattractive instances in the life of its protagonists. Dan (Varun Dhawan) and Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) are both interns at a five-star hotel in Delhi along with some of their friends. While Dan is perpetually unhappy and on the verge of getting kicked out, Shiuli is sincere and hardworking with a spotless record. [Read More]


Written on the theme 'Being Kafkaesque' at Write Club Bangalore. Written in about an hour.

“Mr. Vinay! How are you doing? I hope thatha is taking good care of you. You know, he is professionally trained. Yeah, professionally trained! And PETA certified! Yes Mr. Vinay, certified by the rigorous requirements put forth by you in the ‘Animal Safety Standards Committee’. Surely, there’s no glimpse of a problem at hand?” [Read More]