Hello from a very tired Aditya V.

This week was like last week but more dazy, purple hazy. I just cannot help it. There is nothing much I will have to say in this post, and probably for the next one or two posts because of the play and exams. But anyway, here goes

  • Watched zero movies this week. Kya yaar.

  • I came across this really interesting book at the ICTS Library called Gravity’s Kiss : The Detection of Gravitational Waves by Harry Collins. It is a sociologist’s perspective of the weeks leading up to the first Gravitational Wave detection, GW150914. I am finding it really interesting.

  • ZERO workouts this week. You win some, you lose a lot :(

  • At work, I spent a lot of my time in doing assignments. Three in number actually. The Thursday discussion was also not held, and probably won’t be held next week in lieu of exams (but let’s see)

    Oh, and the weekly Monday colloquim was delivered by Anil Ananthaswamy, on his new book Through Two Doors at Once: The Elegant Experiment That Captures the Enigma of Our Quantum Reality. I have been following Anil’s work ever since I was in college, and though I haven’t read any of his books, he has written quite a few articles that I like very much. He recently also wrote a popular article for the Scientific American about some work that our Astrophysical Relativity group at ICTS.

    Anil’s talk was quite fun, mostly because of the heated arguments we witnessed about the interpretations of quantum mechanics. I had a long chat with him too, and I believe it led to a very informative exchange. We also had another visitor to our group - Gregorio from University of Pisa - who spoke about his recent preprint. It was really nice hanging out with him too, and we exchanged some interesting observations about Lyapunov exponents and how Black Holes saturate the chaos bound.

  • The play preparations got very intense this week, with at least three hours of rehearsal every day, and a six hour session today. We also had a run through at the auditorium yesterday too. Very tiring, to say the least.

Chalo phir, tata! Agle hafte milte hai.