If you are one of the (very) few people who read my blog, you might have noticed that I am mad about literature. So when Meetup suggested the Read A Book meetup on Sunday evening, I decide to haul myself there!

The meetup was organized Kanica, Nishant and Monish, software professionals (obviously, coz Bangalore :-) ) who also incidentally started the Read A Book community. Read A Book is a noble book-sharing initiative of theirs where anyone can borrow books totally free of cost! Way to go Kanica and company!

The meetup was held at Starbucks on Church Street, and was incidentally the first meetup of the community. The members in attendance ranged from budding entrepreneurs and medical students to senior investment consultants. Personally, it was really fun discussing books with total strangers, and I look forward to more meetups in future!

Below are the books that we discussed, after introducing each other :-

As a parting gift, we were given a nice bookmark. Thanks for that, Read A Book! :)

If you are :-

  • interested in talking about books or/and

  • interested in listening to some wonderful people talk about books or/and

  • just lazing away your Sunday evening

join in! The next meetup is scheduled tentatively for the third Sunday of March, and will be held around MG Road or Indiranagar. Do checkout the meetup group and Read A Book’s website and Facebook.

See you there!