It’s been a happening couple of weeks.

QFT just got real! Like literally, renormalization makes QFT real. It is fun studying.

Started working on a couple of ideas in the complexity project. One of them seems pretty straightforward, and I had my first brush with string theory in it. The other one is more exciting, but equally challenging too.

In the GW astronomy project, I have sorted out all problems wih the data, and now will move forward to calculate correlation functions in the distance space. Will need higher computing power for this, and will have to work on a cluster. But there are a few technical issues with the cluster I need to sort out before delving into proper coding.

I have continued reading The Elementary Particles by Michel Houllebecq and We That Are Young by Preti Taneja, and the reading speed has been rather slow.

I attended the Times Litfest last week. I had initially planned to write a proper blogpost about the festival, but it was so disappointing that I didn’t feel like writing one. Met up with Ballu and Wachas in the course of the festival though.

Next week’s has all indications of being crazy! Be well all :)