Hello good people of the internet! My apologies (mostly to myself) for not writing a post last week, but I was having a lot of fun.

First off, let me start with remembering this day nine years ago. I still recollect sitting awestruck and devastated in front of my TV, watching Mumbai burn and feeling utterly unsafe and frightened. My condolences and salutes to all who lost their lives on those fateful days, and to those affected by it.

So let’s start with last week. It was a very hectic but short workweek (only Monday to Thursday) where I actually managed to do quite a lot. Completed 5 more lectures from Padmanabhan’s QFT lectures, and also did quite a bit of work on the project.

But the highlight of the week was Friday and Saturday. Gyani, Sodhi and Malvika were in town! Gyani had brought some ‘special’ gifts from London, which was devoured along with the nice people at Bren Celestia. We also went to Play Arena to play on the trampoline and also some Laser Tag. Shubhankar made a nice video of it!

Friday and Saturday were very enjoyable, but they also taught me how we have all become adults, and have got the so-called adult problems. Each and every one of us. Guess that is what growing up feels like.

This week didn’t see much progress at work, but did see some things happen. I started writing my thesis, and hope to finish by mid next week. I got my next semester thesis cleared, which means I am gonna be in Bangalore for six more months! And to top it off, I scored 960 out of 990 in the Physics GRE. The result is good, and according to people, is ‘safe’. Which means if I get rejected from a University, it would not be because of my GRE score. I guess I would have been happier with something more than 960, but who wouldn’t have!

To the books I am reading. I could not complete Flowers for Algernon, but started Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold. It seems to be good short read, and it is high time I started completing books regularly. I now have 5 books on my Currently Reading List on Goodreads!

And finally to the book I finished reading - Half Lion by Vinay Sitapati. It was a riveting read. It is shameful how little the public knows of Narasimha Rao, despite him being one of the best PMs India has had. More hatred for the Sonia and some ‘Congress faithfuls’. Vinay Sitapati’s scholarly background is reflected in his writing. Did find some parts of the book uninteresting, but none unnecessary. Also, the chapter on the nuclear programme was so feel-filled!

That’s it for this long week(s) review. Long, work-filled week ahead. Till next time!