Busy workweek, with some respite in the weekend.

I have continued watching Thanu Padmanabhan’s QFT lectures, and am almost halfway through the 30 lectures. I average more than 1 lecture a day, and considering the project work and classes, I seriously am awed at my speed, lol.

Though I have a feeling that I am gonna slow down a bit next week.

A few interesting papers have appeared in the past week (thanks arXiv hep-th on Twitter and feedly for updates). One of them is by Ying Zhao of Stanford, and it builds up on Second Law of Quantum Complexity by Brown and Susskind. I hope to jump into this one in the coming week. The other is by the group at Freie Universitat, Berlin, whose work (especially that of Fernando Pastawski) I have been following.

Friday night I made the long arduous journey of almost two hours to the other side of town to meet friends who had come from Gurgaon. Was fun catching up with them.

My reading speed has slowed down a bit. But I am confident of finishing Half Lion by tonight. I am also halfway through Flowers for Algernon - hope to finish it this week, so that Shubhankar and I can make a review vlog of the book. Oh, and Shubhankar can be found on YouTube and his blog.

Oh, and that reminds me, Prabhjyot, Gyani and Malvika are gonna be in town next this weekend! I’m eagerly looking forward to having a gala time. Gyani has promised to get some not-so-secret gifts - let’s see how that pans out ;).

But before that, a hectic week ahead. Be well all!