I turned 22 this week!

Finished reviewing The Entanglement Timescale paper by Sheng-Yang finally! Nice paper it was. But wasn’t able to review the one extra ‘punishment’ paper. :(

The third GRE mock better than the other two. :)

American Gods is going on. It is an interesting read. Meanwhile, I managed to get my hands on Manu Joseph’s latest Miss Laila, Armed and Dangerous.

Watched Newton! It was an enthralling, emotional watch. A good choice for the Oscars!

Also attended a concert by Baiju Dharmajan at Blue Frog on Friday. That guy is a sensation! The band that opened, Param, was also really good. The vocalist has amazing range!

Started looking at Second Law of Quantum Complexity by Adam Brown and Leonard Susskind.

Still haven’t started off with Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime. Long week ahead, lots to be done, I should buck up.

And so should you!