I still haven’t reviewed The Entanglement Timescale paper by Sheng-Yang. :( Punishment? I’ll review one more short paper in addition to this the coming week. I’ve gotta be hard on myself.

The second GRE mock was much better than the first one, but there is a long way to go.

I completed both Maximum City and Serious Men. Maximum City was pretty revealing in 70 % of its content, but just became plain dreary towards the end. I don’t know if Suketu Mehta fell tired of writing the book and just completed it in a hurry. Disappointing to have such an unimpressive ending.

On the other hand, Serious Men was a breeze of a read! I found it highly relatable - this could be due to the fact that quite a few things in the book are physics-y. Dr. Acharya is inspired by Dr. Narlikar, Dr. Nambodri by Dr. Govind Swarup, The Giant Ear by the GMRT, etc. I was already a fan of Manu Joseph’s quotable-relatable-quotes style of writing, and he did not disappoint. That man has a knack of telling you the most harsh unsaid truths without any reservations. Here’s a photo of me with him!

L-R : Aditya (me), Manu Joseph, Kaushik

I have picked up American Gods as my next read. Really high expectations.

I also completed the Quantum Teleportation series of blogs that I had started. I hope to continue writing more blogs.

CFTs turned out to be an amazing adventure! I have stopped midway as of now, but will go back to it the coming week. The section on constraints from conformal invariance was real thought-provoking, and a lot of stuff I didn’t understand in some papers started making sense!

I also started two edX courses - one on basic quantum mechanics (MITX), and one on machine learning (CaltechX). The latter is completely new territory, and I hope I stay put.

Will start studying Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime from Wald and Birrel-Davies.

Have a good week ahead!