Taking inspiration from the ‘Weekly Report’ series on Shubhankar’s site, I have promised myself that I too shall write a short report every week. Shubhankar blogs frequently on his site, and the crazy Casey Neistat fan that he is, has also started a weekly (?) vlog on his YouTube Channel. Do check them out!

This week was good! I started preparing seriously for the Physics GRE in October. Did take a mock at the start of the week - didn’t perform too well, but got an idea as to what to expect.

I am in the middle of reading two books right now, and am ~70% done with both. The first one is Maximum City by Suketu Mehta, and it is a chronicle of present-day Mumbai. The second one is a book by the marvellous columnist and author Manu Joseph titled Serious Men. Will speak about the books as and when I am finished with them.

Coming to physics, I think I have finally managed to figure out the whole paper on Teleportation Through the Wormhole by Susskind and Zhao. It is a decent paper based that generalizes the basic quantum teleportation protocol to multiple teleportee qubits, and uses recent findings (particularly those by Gao-Jafferis-Wall) to show how teleportation can be possible through a wormhole in the AdS/CFT sense. It also gives a prescription for realizing (and possibly proving?) ER = EPR in the lab. Bloody good!

I have also started looking at Conformal Field Theories from Joshua Qualls notes. My plan is to study the AdS/CFT Correspondence in operational detail after this, leading to the final aim of understanding exactly how spacetime emerges from entangelement. Will write more about it in the coming weeks.

Next week, I plan to be done reviewing the Sheng-Yang paper titled The Entanglement Timescale. It does seem like a nice straighforward calculation, but have been delaying it a lot. Should be done the coming week.

What else? I think that is about it. Later!