I sit before my laptop and suddenly my eyes start watering. The lower right corner of the laptop flashes 2:12 AM, giving me the clear indication that it is time for rest, time to sleep. I pull in a big yawn and then notice an empty water bottle lying on the table. Overcoming my laziness, I grab the bottle and march towards the water cooler.

Getting out of my room, I am not at all surprised to find lights in more than half the rooms still switched on. I chuckle to myself thinking that these are the same people who would sleep before 11 PM in their respective homes. The noise and randomness in the hostel is of the same level as it was 2 or 3 hours earlier. There are seniors talking, wingies roaming around and someone playing the guitar. The television in the common room is still shouting loud commentary of a football match. As I reach the water cooler, I find a small queue, which freaks me off. I quietly wait for my turn to fill the water.

I start wondering about the things I would have missed had I decided to continue my academics back in Pune rather than coming to this small village to study in a college having residential facilities. No seniors, no frequent treats, no concept of missing classes and getting away with it, minimal contribution in the technical and cultural fests, no experience of organizing events, no free time to pursue your interests and hobbies and most importantly no independence(OK, some might disagree with this, but more on it at another point of time).

Obviously, the clear disadvantage of living here is the absence of a family, but I guess friends make up for it.

Walking back to my room, I feel content that I chose this place to pursue my academics. I get into my room, drink some water, lie down on the bed, cover myself with the razai (yes it is pretty cold!), and put myself into a deep sleep, the best I have had in a while.